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CL. Intrigue

CL. IntrigueReal Madrid - Manchester Unitedair Alex Ferguson as the water looked. Head coach of "Manchester United" before the draw call it "real" as your desired opponent in the quarterfinal. And it was destined to fulfill the desire of the mentor. Thus, fans will be able to enjoy the fight, the two European giants. Judge for yourself: in this pair will meet two teams that played in the Champions League more of all matches (91 ? "MU", 89 ? the "real"), scored more wins (51 ? in Madrid, 47 ? the man UTD), scored the most goals (181 ? the team del Bosque, 166 ? in Ferguson's charges).Interestingly, the way these two giants in European competition will intersect only the fourth time. Читать полностью -->

The Championship Of Germany. Events

The Championship Of Germany. EventsBayern haven't lost in the Bundesliga 12 rounds in a row. On account of Ballack in Munich for the third take. "Energy" suffers in 2003, the first defeat.For the first time in the last eleven months Bayer achieves in the Bundesliga two wins in a row (in the previous round, Leverkusen beat Hannover - 2:1). Before Saturday's success against Bremen "aspirin" they haven't won at their stadium more than four (!) months.Yet never in the history of performances in the Bundesliga VfL Wolfsburg not score after the 23rd round so few points - 28.For the first time in the season, Borussia mГ¶nchengladbach, playing during the game - 0:1, extraction point."Hannover wins on the road for the fifth time - never before in the Bundesliga the club has been so successful not played at away venues."Munich 1860 have not scored in the fourth game in a row at home. This is a repeat of the club's "record" 1969."Kaiserslautern" is not lost in the last five rounds, but remain the only Bundesliga team not won on the road without a win.. Читать полностью -->

CSKA once again begins with the defeat

CSKA once again begins with the defeatFor the second year in a row CSKA starts the season with a confident victory with the account 4:0. The main hero of the match with debutant of the championship, Rubin Kazan, became the new idol army fans Jiri Jarosik who made two goals in a spectacular performance.To live well, to live well even better. It is this phrase the hero of one of the most popular Soviet films it is possible to characterize the state of the current CSKA. But until quite recently, regarded every penny celebrated the army club was just one of many pursuers drowned flagship domestic football, romantische "Spartak".History, as we know, has a cyclic character of the development. Not without changes to long-standing and in domestic football. And now CSKA headed one of the most promising functionaries, Yevgeny Giner, who, incidentally, was tipped as successors of the current head of the RFU Vyacheslav Koloskova, and ambitious Valeriy Gazzaev, less than a year ago for no apparent obstacles occupying the post of head coach of the national team, begins to dictate their, sometimes quite mysterious, but it does not become less effective, the club's policy. Читать полностью -->

Valencia missed the chance to get closer to the leading trio

Valencia missed the chance to get closer to the leading trioIn the capital of the Basque Country held one of the Central matches of the 26th round of the championship of Spain. That bubbling from the passion of the stadium "San Mames" anyone sweet, not news. Is no exception and this match, in which local athletic took one of the leaders of national champion Valencia.Club "Che" came to the Basque country with the firm intention to win, for the loss was alienated wards Rafa Benitez, with the leading three. Looking ahead, we say that the way it came out. On 7-Oh to minute in gate of Canizares was appointed free-kick and the ball went tico with his fearsome kick, but the ball went wide.Then danger struck his head Urzaiz, but again the gates of Valencia remained dry.And at 39 minute something happened that happens in football very often. Against the hosts penalty shot for the Karanko hands grabbed Baraha. Читать полностью -->

Redondo returns home

Redondo returns homeFernando Redondo, no one knows - in football there is no room for feelings or sentimentality. Just two months later, after the victory over Valencia in the final of the UEFA Champions League season 1999/2000, one of the key players of real Madrid was hastily sold to Milan.Florentino Perez, had just become the President of the club of Madrid, explained care 31 - year-old player of the national team of Argentina, his own desire to move to Italy. The Redondo was not even able to publicly refute this information.After saying "adios" to his fans, the Argentinian went to Milan. The amount of this transfer amounted to 11.7 million euros. However, in preparation for the season at the practice Redondo damaged the cruciate ligament in his right knee and 2 years left without football.Complications arising later, forced the new Milanese double-down on the operating table. Only in December 2002 Redondo again appeared on the field. Читать полностью -->

Ivan Helguera was injured

Ivan Helguera was injuredMonday will become evident, the severity of injuries sustained by the defender of Madrid "real" Ivan Elgaroy in the Saturday match against "alavesa". Note that during this meeting, the football player injured his right ankle. Anyway, its out on the field in the match of the next round of the championship of Spain against "racing" under the big question. Also it is not clear yet, whether the Elger to participate in the upcoming Champions League match against Milan. As can be seen, possible his absence on the field can be a real headache for the coach, "creamy" Vicente Del Bosque.The ranks of the Central defenders, "creamy" thinning not by leaps and bounds. Recall that because of the injury was ruled out and Fernando Hierro.. Читать полностью -->

Raul: I Want to get the Golden ball

Raul: I Want to get the Golden ballOn New year's eve the Spanish star of real Madrid Raul gave an extensive interview to the newspaper Marca - are You tired of winning? - Actually, no. You can never get tired of winning, from what your results are improving, you are progressing. This is something that brings you pleasure. I spent in the club 15 years, during which I learned how to win and try to play even better. In the "Real world" no other purpose than victories. It is those basics that are taught at this club from a small age. Читать полностью -->

Dmitry Kirichenko: the plan for the season exceeded

Dmitry Kirichenko: the plan for the season exceeded- In one of our conversations you said that you had set a goal for the season in goals scored, but the number declined to name. Now, perhaps we can solve the mystery? - question Kirichenko.- The task was to score ten goals. But appetite, as you know, comes with food, so the plan worked to exceed one and a half times.- Next year the bar will be set higher?- Yes, but specific figures are traditionally not called. In General, bitter experience, I try not to dwell on the scorers. Somehow in Rostov started drama, and he immediately stopped the score.- Where you it was easier to score in the "Rostselmash" where partners have played on you, or in CSKA?- I would not say that in Rostov played on me. CSKA advantage is that the team most of the time in attack, there is more opportunity to strike the final blow.- What's the record for number of goals per season?- In the second division for FC torpedo Taganrog scored as 32 goals. Читать полностью -->

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